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Experienced, Friendly,
Down-to-Earth CPA Firm.

Focused on Planning and Strategy. How can we help?

Experienced, Friendly,
Down-to-Earth CPA Firm.

Focused on Planning and Strategy. How can we help?

Individual and Business Tax Preparation Services

Welcome to Freeman & Associates CPAs, where we specialize in providing comprehensive tax preparation services for both individuals and businesses. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your tax preparation experience is efficient, accurate, and stress-free. We want it to be down to Earth, understandable and we want to have a great relationship with our clients. Whether you’re an individual seeking to maximize your deductions or a business aiming to optimize your tax strategy, we have the expertise to navigate the complexities of the tax code on your behalf.

Our Tax Preparation Services

For Individuals:

  1. Comprehensive Tax Return Preparation: Our detail-oriented approach to tax return preparation guarantees accuracy and compliance. We meticulously review your financial information to ensure that every eligible deduction is claimed, resulting in the most favorable outcome for you on a long-term basis. Returns are reviewed by multiple individuals within the firm from Staff to CPA’s, we all ask questions and try to provide the best preparation services to our clients. 
  2. Tax Optimization for Investments: If you have investments, we’ll analyze their tax implications and help you make informed decisions to optimize your tax situation while supporting your financial objectives.
  3. Retirement Account Analysis: Planning for retirement involves understanding the tax implications of different retirement accounts and distribution strategies. We’ll guide you through these complexities, helping you create a tax-efficient retirement plan. We can work closely with your financial advisors to further your goals.

For Businesses:

  1. Business Entity Structuring: Choosing the right business entity has significant tax implications. We’ll help you select the entity type that aligns with your goals and offers the most favorable tax treatment, keeps costs minimal, and provides the most flexibility to your business. 
  2. Strategic Expense Analysis: We’ll help you identify deductible business expenses and ensure that you’re in compliance with tax regulations, maximizing your deductions.
  3. Quarterly Tax Planning: Businesses often face quarterly tax payments. We’ll assist you in planning for these payments and help you maintain proper records to streamline the process. We look at the year as a circle, much like our logo, and the year doesn’t end with a tax return. 
  4. Tax Credits and Incentives: Our team is well-versed in identifying tax credits and incentives that your business may be eligible for, potentially leading to substantial savings. We utilize many local and National tax credit and deduction specialists to assist our clients. Specialty credits and deductions could include the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, The Historic Rehab Credit, Cost Segregation Analysis, Like Kind Exchange Analysis, 179D analysis, ERC analysis, etc.

Why Choose Us:

  • Expertise: Our seasoned team possess a deep understanding of tax laws and regulations, ensuring that you receive the highest level of tax preparation expertise.
  • Tailored Solutions: We recognize that every individual and business is unique. Our solutions are customized to your specific needs, goals, and circumstances.
  • Reliability: With our attention to detail and commitment to accuracy, you can trust that your tax preparation will be done right the first time.
  • Ethical Practices: We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring that your tax preparation is conducted with integrity and adherence to legal requirements.
  • Peace of Mind: Partner with us for a seamless tax preparation experience. Focus on what you do best while we handle the complexities of tax compliance on your behalf.
  • Communication: Our staff is dedicated to maintaining timely, open lines of communication, we have found that it’s imperative to build and maintain a relationship in this business and we try our best to keep that communication throughout the year.