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Who We are:

Freeman & Associates CPAs was founded in 2023 by Justin Freeman, CPA and the team of hardworking, knowledgeable accountants who have worked together for a number of years. The team prioritizes communication with clients and educating clients about their specific tax situations. It’s our approach to make sure we explain taxes and accounting in a down-to-earth manner so clients can understand their situation and give input into the direction they are heading. 

Justin brings fifteen years of experience as an accountant and was formerly a Principal at another local CPA firm. Justin believes in quality, timely communication with clients and providing the best services possible for the client. 

“If we don’t know what our clients want to do, are capable of doing or interested in doing, how can we help?” 

It’s important that the relationship and communication lines stay open so we can have those conversations to bring our clients the best strategy, planning and preparation services we are capable of. We’re not going to bill clients for a quick conversation here or there or a quick email, that’s part of relationship building and important to making sure we know what’s going on.


We utilize the latest technology to provide planning, preparation, and bookkeeping services. Whether it’s our hosted software, online bill-pay, DocuSign abilities or the ability to allow clients 24/7 access to their returns securely, we’ll continue to utilize technology to improve the client experience, our efficiency and quality as accountants. 

Who do we work with and believe we can bring value to:


  1. With Businesses, full time or side-hustles
  2. With Rental or Investment Properties
  3. With Investments or retirement accounts where we can assist with planning for investment income and potential distribution timing. 
  4. Who are making significant contributions to charitable organizations
  5. Long-term planners planning for generational transfers of assets. 


  1. Real Estate – Investors, Developers, Realtors, Wholesalers
  2. Professional Services – Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, Architects, etc.
  3. Contractors – Electricians, Plumbers, Welders, Masons, General Contractors, Landscapers, etc. 
  4. Retail 
  5. Restaurants  
  6. Small Manufacturing
  7. Service Based businesses, Gig Economy, Fishermen, etc. 

There are some areas we don’t do a lot of work in and it doesn’t make sense for us to handle some types of clients. Clients we would typically refer elsewhere, we’re happy to give you good options locally if needed:

  1. Significant foreign activities
  2. Farming
  3. Forestry

We’re happy to provide referrals for both tax returns that don’t make sense for our Firm or to our partners we work with daily for other services like financial planning, payroll services, banking, lending, insurance, etc. 

Where are We:

We are located at 1020 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, Maine, right next to Harvest Moon Deli, however, we work with clients around the country in specific industries. With the increased use of online meeting software, we no longer need to meet in person, however we do enjoy clients coming and meeting with us when they are able. 

Finally, we work together as a team. Staff and Principals alike work with all of our clients in order to further their goals and provide quality services. Your relationship with us, isn’t with any single individual but with all of us and we are all here to help.

Let’s meet the Team!